BirdFIELD the Free WordPress Theme

BirdFIELD is a responsive web design theme. Feature fullscreen and parallax custom image, and fixed header. The homepage displays with tagged news and the grid posts. You can choose the text color, link color, header background color by theme options. You can also add a slider to the header image.

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Responsive Layout, Theme Customize, Page Navigation

Widgets Areas

The Theme has customizable header and footer.


You can upload the header image by custom-header, and set the Widget Area for header.
Instead the header image, you can add a header slider at theme customizer.
You can add up to 5 images in the header slider. also you can add title, description, link URL for each image.
When the posts are tagged with “news”, display NEWS area on homepage.

Theme Customize

Text Color: set at Colors section.
Link Color: set at Colors section.
Header, Footer Background Color: set at Colors section.
Header Slider: set 5 images at Header Slider section.
Display Copyright and Credit: set at Footer section.


BirdFIELD WordPress theme, Copyright (C) 2014 Sysbird
The theme is licensed under the GPL.
License: GNU General Public License v2.0
License URI:
The header image is created by theme author and is released under GPL license.

Third-party Resources

License: MIT/GPL2 Licensed

Google Fonts
License: SIL Open Font License, 1.1

License: Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses

Font Awesome
License: SIL Open Font License, 1.1/MIT License


The theme built by TORIYAMA Yuko at Sysbird.
You can contact me at inquiry form.